How To Install Snipe-it Asset management in Xampp-2018


Install xampp

Start Apache and MySql

Download Composer and Install click next next and install


Go to     localhost/phpmyadmin

Create Database and set user name and password (if you changed root password you can also change root password in C:\xampp\phpMyAdmin\

Download Snipe-IT


Extract in C:\xampp\htdocs Folder

Open Snipe IT Folder and Edit .env.tests file (use Notepad++ for editing )

Save file in .env file name

Open snipe-it  folder and

Press shift+right click  open command


composer install --no-dev --prefer-source
 php artisan key:generate


open httpd.conf

Open Browser and type localhost/snipe-it and install

You will likely get an error:

Don’t panic, just refresh the page by hitting F5

Click on Next: Create User

Finalize everything to your liking, click F5 if you get the error again.


And congratulations   (Watch full video installation of snipe-it Click here  )


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