Six interesting features of Whats-app

Six interesting features of Whats-app

Whatsapp has become the most popular medium for interacting with each other. This app has been 10 years old and its popularity is increasing day by day. During this time, many features have been added in Whats-App. Almost every month the company launches new features. Here we are telling you about 6 recent updates.

Media Visibility: This feature allows WhatsApp users to control media content. That is, what users want to see in their phone gallery can control it. Every day there are many photos and videos on whatsapp you want to hid from your phone gallery. Your help in this work features this.

Labeling forward message:  Which message is not forwards and which is not indicated by this will give this feature of Whatsapp. This feature will make chatting easier with a friend or group. This will tell you that the message your friend sent you has either typed it or forwarded it from somewhere.

Send messaging: Under this feature, Whatsapp Group Administrator will be able to control the messages in the group. It will not be able to send non-essential messages to the group. This feature will be provided within Group Settings. This will be the option of the name of the sand message. The Sand Message option will come with Edit Group Info. After taping on this, you will get the option of Participant and Only Admins. In this, if the admin taps into the only admin option, then the messages will only be managed by the admin.

Admin Control: Under this feature, the Admin can control the changes happening in the group. I.e. control group admin who will be able to change the icon, subject and descript of the group.

Demote Admin: This is another group centric feature. Under this, the Group Administrator gets the option of demoting the other Group Administrator of the group without removing the group.

Whatsapp Group Call: Whatsapp IOS users can view this feature in 2.18.52 version of adding new members to video calls. At the same time, Android users will find this feature in version 2.18.145 and above. Android’s latest Beta version is 2.18.155. If this feature is not working in your Android phone then you will need to update it to the latest version. Users will get an option to add three other members when making video calls under this feature.

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