Google Assistant talk like a human with your smartphones

Google Assistant talk like a human with your smartphones

Google Assistant is a feature that lets you talk to your smartphone like a friend. With the help of this feature, you can question your smartphone without typing, whose answers you will get through voice only. Actually Google Assistant is such a feature from Google, With this feature, your smartphone starts talking like human beings.

How to download and install Google Assistant

At present, almost all smartphones will get Google Assistant already downloaded. Smartphones that do not have this feature have to go to Google Play Store and download the Google Assistant app. Apple or iPad users can download this app by visiting the App Store.

Google Assistant to do this in your mobile activate

Both Google and Android users can use Google Assistant. You have to follow some steps for this.

Follow the Android Users In Steps

To activate Google Assist, hold down the Home button for a few seconds.     After this, tap on the AGREE option to extract the terms and conditions.     Now activate the voice command. Then tap on the Continue button and then turn the Ok Google toggle on the next screen to turn on.     After doing this, Google Assistant will start answering all your questions automatically.

IOS Users Follow These Steps     

Open the Google Assistant app.     Follow the instructions given in the app.     Then tap on Ok Google option.     After that the app will ask you to say Ok Google or Hey Google 4 times.     After doing this, you can now activate Google Assistant on your phone by saying “OK Google”.

Google Assistant talk like a human with your smartphones

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