Smartphone battery charging tips


Smartphone battery charging tips.

Keep these things special during the phone charging

In this post we are telling you some ways that you can understand how you can keep the phone’s battery safe.

Several incidents of blasts in smartphones have come up recently. After the Samsung, there was a fire in Chomai’s Mi A1 smartphone charging. An MIUI Forum member has given this information. It is being told that due to this incident, it has become completely damaged. Shaomi has not made any official comment on this matter. But the investigation has already started. In the beginning of this year, the Malaysian CEO died in a phone call due to a blast.

In most smartphone blast cases, lithium-ion batteries are considered to be the only culprit. But the quality of the battery and battery temperature is also considered to be largely responsible for charging. In this post we are telling you some ways that you can understand how you can keep the phone’s battery safe.

Learn the important things about the battery

1. The biggest reason for most smartphone blast cases is overcharging. Many people put the phone on charging while sleeping at night. If you do this then it can prove harmful to you for your phone. This can overhaul the phone’s battery. This reduces battery life. In such a case, unplug the charger as soon as the phone is charging.

2. Do not keep anything on the smartphone while charging the phone. Many people put the phone on the charging under the pillow. Doing so can overhaul the phone.

3. If the phone is charging then do not play games on the phone. Also do not watch movies or videos as well. This can increase the temperature of the phone’s battery. Also, do not use earphones in the phone during phone charging.

4. Do not charge the phone while charging the phone and only connect the phone. Simultaneously do not charge the phone with the extension chords. That’s because if any cod socket is bad, then it can have an impact on the smartphone.

5. Do not keep it in direct sunlight while charging the phone. Apart from this, do not charge the phone more often by placing other hot spaces like car dashboard etc. This can cause heating problems in the phone.

6. Remove the back cover of the phone while charging the phone. Also, the phone should always be charged with its original charger.

7. Just as the original charger is important. In the same way the smartphone should use the original battery.

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