How you can check the level of Air Pollution with these apps

  • Easy way to check air pollution
  • Can use till date tracker or app.

The air has become poisonous in Delhi at this time and the AQI level has gone dangerously high. You can use apps or websites to check air quality. You can also check the real time air quality of your location with the Air Pollution Trakcer till date.

AQI of many places in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad and Gurgaon has also crossed 1000. AQI is broadly divided into five or six parts. You can check this by downloading free apps.

Before that you know what is the entire fund of AQI. How much AQI is right for you and which are dangerous.

Being 0-50 AQI means air is good, there is no pollution. 51-100 puts the AQI in the Moderate category.

51-100 AQI advises that those who are sensitive can reduce outdoor activity.

101-150 AQI is kept in Unhealthy category for some people. It is not completely healthy for sensitive people and this kind of wind can make sensitive groups sick.

151– 200 AQI is considered Unhealthy and is for everyone. Whether you are sick or not, it is dangerous for you.

201-500 AQI – Very Unhealthy – As mentioned earlier, it is more dangerous than this and during this time you can notice the emasculation. During this time it is advisable to get out less.

301-500 AQI – Hazardous – That is, during this time common people have high risk. People will be ill due to health effects.

These apps give you the correct data related to AQI and they are easy to use as well.

  • AirVisual Air Quality Forca
  • Air Quality by Plume Labs
  • Air Matters

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