These are the smart tricks of WhatsApp

These are the smart tricks of WhatsApp, which gives excellent experience of chatting

If you are a WhatsApp user then this news is for you. People of almost every generation use WhatsApp nowadays, but people’s information is limited about it. But do you know that there are many such features in WhatsApp, through which you can make your chat even more fun. So let us tell you some smart tricks…

WhatsApp always keeps the latest chat window up. That is, if you are talking to someone and someone’s message comes in the middle, then that chatting window starts to show up. And messages continue to come on WhatsApp.

But with the help of Whats App’s Chat Pin to Top feature, this problem can be ended. For this, you have to touch and hold the chat for some time.

Automatic download can be disabled: It is often seen that every media on Whats App is automatically down-loaded and because of this your data is more consumed. To avoid this, you can turn off auto download.

Can edit image: Now we can edit any photo before sending it on Whats App. Also you can now write text on the photo.

You can chat in multiple languages: During chat on Whats App, now only English is not needed. Now you can use Whats App in many languages.

GIF is also available: People often use GIF to express their feelings. Do you know that you can use GIF to message someone on Whats App. You can make this GIF only from the picture and videos saved in your phone’s

Can change the text format: With the new feature of Whats App, now the format of any text can be changed before sending it.

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